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Using Solar Eclipse Map

This application displays all solar eclipses from 1601 to 2200. This application may take a few seconds to load but once it does you will see a chart at the bottom of the screen and a striped globe in the center. The chart contains 905 dots, one dot per eclipse, distributed over a time scale from 1601 to 2200. The thick red vertical line on the chart is a moveable "time window", only those dots (or eclipses) that fall inside the window will be rendered on the globe. The time window can be moved side-to-side to render historic and future exclipse. The time window is 10 years wide.

Moving your mouse over any eclipse in the chart will temporary add the eclipse to the globe. The eclipse path will be colored cyan.

Similarly, moving your mouse over paths on the globe will highligh the eclipse's entry in the chart. Clicking on an eclipse path will launch a popup window with detailed information about the eclipse.

About Solar Eclipse Map

This application was designed and developed by Esri's Applications Prototype Lab in Redlands, California. The application was built using the following technologies:

Eclipse paths were generated by Michael Zeiler from data courtesy of Xavier Jubier. The data is published here as a hosted feature service on ArcGIS Online. The data contains 905 solar eclipses from 1601 to 2200.

Souce code for this application can be downloaded here.

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